Phone number

01403 700063

Meet The Team

The Fishers Farm Team…

Tim and Trina

Owners, Directors and Cake maker!

Tom and Kate


Office and Reception

Sue & Anne – Accounts

Liz – Membership Secretary

Steve – Retail Manager

Janey – Bookings Secretary

Beccy – HR and Office Manager

Beth – Marketing Manager

Lynsey – Receptionist


Pat – Catering Manager

Catherine P & Kirsty – Assistant Catering Manager

Clint – Chef

Catherine DF, Debbie, Sarah, Jessica, Nina and Georgie – Catering Supervisors

Maintenance, Health and Safety & Adventure Activities

Gerry, Nick E, Grant – Maintenance Supervisors

Ben – Customer Experience Supervisor

Livestock Team

Sam – Livestock Manager

Andrew – Assistant Livestock Manager

Kelly, Chris, Rosie & Sami – Livestock Supervisors

Thomas – Livestock Assistant


We also employ a team of around 100 or more FANTASTIC part-time staff who come in to work at weekends, half term and holidays. All staff must have, what we call, the ‘Fishers Flair’, which means they’re bubbly, enthusiastic and friendly to all of our customers. If you feel that you have the Fishers Flair and would like to join our team, click here.


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