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Planning your pre-school and nursery visits for this year? Let your little ones learn about the natural world around them at Fishers, while enjoying a farm full of fun! We welcome young children from all across the region and have proven to be a popular destination for teachers and staff researching Nursery day trips in and around West Sussex.

The Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden opened in spring 2015 and has been a fantastic source for educational visits, preschool and nursery day trips. Children can ‘hoe, sow & grow’ whilst learning where our food comes from. We’re using recycled material and even using the food that we grow in our restaurant! Sometimes when the food in the garden is ready to harvest, the children can pick their own cucumbers, tomatoes (or whatever is available!) and we’ll serve them cut-up on their picnic table for their lunch.

Educational Tractor-trailer Ride

We are lucky enough to have worked alongside some local wildlife experts to create our very own Bee Colony during 2015 as well as an Apple Orchard and new hedgerows with the Sussex Wildlife Trust in 2013. These are all situated in our ‘Behind the Scenes’ grazing fields that most customers don’t get to see.

Group Visit Risk Assessments

Group Visit Risk Assessment

We have also added Health & Safety Notes for Teachers which may come in useful for your trip.