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The Barn Theatre

The Famous Barn Theatre…

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls welcome to the Fishers Barn Theatre!! Our popular barn theatre is used for different family friendly events including:

If you’re fancying a little boogie on the weekend or during the holidays then our barn theatre is the place to be (we love a bit of dad dancing)! During the School Holidays you can take a break from the madness and enjoy our hilarious, family-friendly magic shows. Or you can cheer on our popular bubble man as he does crazy bubble tricks!! Don’t forget to look our for all our Family Film Nights happening throughout the year – we show exclusive kids movies before they’re out on DVD! The most highly anticipated event of the year is of course our famous family Pantomimes during ‘The Magic of Christmas’. Prepare to boo-hiss and stomp your feet at the cast as they make a fool out of themselves!!

barn theatre